Please take a look at some of the guitars we've reliced. If you're interested in us relicing a guitar for you, get in touch. Our relic process includes multiple time-intensive processes, including chemical, machine and hand working, with the goal of attaining a look that adds years of simulated playing wear. Heavy, medium, and light relics are possible, depending on the desired look. This baby has already sold, but we have the same model in the works with a slightly different Honey Burst finish. Email us at with any questions.


The concept with this guitar was a heavy relic job to simulate many years of hard playing wear. The owner was thought to have sweated and played a great deal with his arm inflicting major wear to the finish at the top curve. The arm wear reaches over to the backside of the guitar where we also find a nice spot worn away at the center back from belt buckle wear. All the edges of the guitar have been worn to some degree with special attention shown to the butt end of the guitar since guitars are often rested on the ground, against a wall etc with the bottom edge getting more worn than other edges over time. All hardware was treated to achieve a soft glow of age, plus various deeper marks from accidental bumps. Pickup covers show wear that traces the lines the strings make over time. Even plastics have been dulled and discolored. Back of neck has been worn to a satin feel that comes after years of playing. The fretboard and frets have not been messed with.


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